Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dead Or Alive

I had an idea that I'd create a load of wild west superheroes with a steam punk vibe (particularly Superman in a giant leather duster, and Thor covered in makeshift armour ripped from a train engine), but due to other deadlines, I've kind of dropped the ball on this challenge! anyway, maybe this is something to revisit somewhere down the road with some other iconic characters (possibly as a super villain theme).  Anyway, i tried to go about this as if i were trying to make Spidey look more bug-like. in fact, i based his silhouette on a big-eyed jumping spider, with eight eyes Incorporated into the steam punk goggles, and added some spider leg seams in his cow-hide poncho. and i quite like the detail in his suit looking more shabby, like cobwebs, and there's a nod to his original eye mask shape with the leather visor.


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