Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WARNING: This Sucks...

This is a quick painting i did to try and loosen up my style (with some chunkier blocks of colour) and to compile a small colour palette (as I've never really given a lot of attention to this area!) i used some dirty big palette brushes that i created in photoshop and really enjoyed the process! I'll post some earlier paintings that i created for a story Martin and i worked on about 10 years ago. They were my first digital paintings (but to be more accurate, they were my first paintings of any description, as the medium has always terrified me!), but I've always looked back at them and think that they say a lot about my way of working (and possibly, thinking!) as they're so tight and stuffy! the dream would be to throw down a few blocks of colour and simply suggest what's in mind, but I'm a looooooooooong way off being that courageous!! Anyway when you see them, you'll realise why i feel the need to loosen up my style!...


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