Sunday, 15 April 2012

London 2012 Olympics...Deuced!

Apparently the antioxidant Catechin (which is found in green tea), stops an enzyme in the Olympic drug tests from detecting testosterone. (Congratulations to Alex Shipley for guessing correctly, a caricature is on it's way to you!) This illustration was actually a bit of a grind! As much as i like having the various nationalities, I'm not sure if i could have accomplished the same idea without breaking away from my usual square-framed, canvas. i find this one a little bit out of proportion too; the girls seem a bit squashed, and the signs a bit lost! ...Then again, maybe I'm worrying about nothing!? I'll probably feel totally different about it in the morning, and think i like the direction in the piece, and that there's contrast between the cluttered, bottom-half and the spacious top-half. i might say i like that the Olympic colours echo through the outfits too...hey...I'm actually starting to like this!! well done, me!


At 17 April 2012 at 20:46 , Blogger Martin Greaves said...

I agree with your points Mike, I think the image is balanced nicely considering you had to get the figures, the sign and even a hint of the Olympic logo in there too. My only slight gripe is the use of tennis players as subjects, when tennis is perhaps not the first Olympic sport that might immediately spring to mind. I'd have considered shot-putters or discus-throwers or sprinters as sports that more readily suggest Olympic athletes. A minor visual gripe though, the draughtsmanship is faultless and the facial expressions are spot on!

At 17 April 2012 at 21:28 , Blogger Ko Chee said...

Thanks for the feedback, Martin...I admit I was torn over this very point. My thinking was, I wanted to define the characters as atheletes, which suggested using some kind of sports equipment, that had to be small enough to fit, but something that was easy to recognise. The next issue was finding an outfit that was feminine enough to contrast against the hulking, steroid-abusing athelete! Tracksuits are a bit too unisex and leotards would not be flattering on the three other girls in my style! ...also, my sister used to be a professional tennis player so I guess i may have been brainwashed into making this choice!


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