Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Art Of Manipulation...

...OK so not strictly a sketch, but this is an attempt at stepping away from some of the problems i mentioned in the previous Old Work...New Lessons post. i AM trying to loosen up the application of mark-making, so it's, not-strictly-a-sketch-but-definitely-walking-in-the-direction-of-Sketchville! i have some speed-painting and life drawing scheduled into my timetable for the next few months, so TRUST me, there will be a lot of VERY loose work going on show here (I'm starting to panic already!!) 

anyway, this was a good opportunity to practice painting without first, generating line art (as i did in 
the Sorry, No Trainers - Value Pass post). also, it was a fun colour and lighting study, so with that in mind, it qualifies as blog-worthy! i like the idea that this cat lacked the opposable thumbs to handle a fishing rod, but managed to rig a human nervous system with two arcade sticks! 

it needs a clean-up and i have a fish bone-mountain silhouette to add in the background, so I'll post that again :)


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