Sunday, 25 March 2012

Push The Button...

So, apart from waking up at 5:50 am (usual time for me) and spending far to long deciding if my clock had updated an hour forward, for daylight saving (it had and so was not the usual time for me, at all!), i staggered downstairs to find five pools of luminous green dog sick! i cleared that up, made coffee for my better-half and sat down to work next to my 23lb cat

...and life was good!

good until said cat revealed his entire back end was covered in (and stinking of) his own 'whoopsie'. it was clearly going to be that kind of morning, so i removed all remaining cat-eggs from the litter tray and went outside past the dog (who was being sick again) to empty the dog turd bin. on the way back, i fixed my fence, pruned some bushes and came for a bleach bath and a tetanus jab.

basically, the only work i managed so far was to make these two buttons for this blog, so feel free to find them in the sidebar and wander around my Twitter and Facebook pages. I'll be setting up the website soon, so there'll be another link going up sometime soon!

anyway, I'll work on a small spot illustration for a health mag after I've walked the exorcist-dog and post it here in the morning! 

have a good Sunday...i hope it started off better than mine! ;)


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