Tuesday, 19 July 2011

20 minute 'Speed Pants'...(Well You Wanted It Loose!)

Right, so here's my attempt at a timed, speed-painting challenge!  i won't try and hide the fact that I'm not really an environment artist (or a particularly quick one either!), so you'd might wonder why I'd start with a 20 minute, American landscape? well, this IS a place of experimentation, and I've never been a proud man...especially after this! ;)

Anyway,  i figured I'd see what i could do in a twenty minute window, assess after, what i needed to make me work faster, and repeat the exercise. GOD this first one was shocking! any measured approach to this was replaced with sheer panic, and i wasted valuable time worrying that i wasn't going to get it finished!

this time i changed the aspect ratio of the image to give a more panoramic feel. it was a step in the right direction, but around 15 minutes into this one, i already knew I'd spent far too long struggling to get that speed-painted look! this lead me to believe that my tool-set was incorrect, and I'd have to create some brushes that would do some of the work for me.

i felt that by the third one, the improvement was significant enough to stop, and write a list of things that would have saved me even more time. i enjoyed this process; it's made me think about what tricks and techniques i can use to squeeze the most out of every last second and it's bolstered my confidence enough to pursue it again tomorrow! I'll be mixing it up with some 45 minute and 90 minute paintings in the following posts, but i guess I'll always start with at least one or two 20 minute pieces just to get warmed up!


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