Monday, 28 May 2012

Happy Birthday, Annabelle's your portrait!

if you'd like a portrait like this, you can buy one, win one, or even earn one (simply by getting 20 of your mates to LIKE the THUNDERscrawl Facebook page!)

take a look, and don't forget to punch LIKE when you're there!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The 'Smarterer' Way To Travel

Apparently 25% of road traffic in Cambridge is made up of cyclists. i hit a bit of a road block on this one, as it's not really the most exciting of subjects. i toyed with travelling down a more conceptual route, and focusing on the ecological aspect of the brief, using arrows and colour...but ultimately, it really wasn't much fun to look at! so i ended up taking the scenic, literal path, by concentrating on the ratio of cyclists to drivers and a few things that spring to mind when i think of Cambridge. there's only a suggestion of my original ideas of using red to denote STOP!, burning fuel and frustration, and green (now just on the penny farthing saddle) for GO! and the whole, eco-friendly thang. anyway, all in all, it was quite a journey! I'm working on a private commission next (which i can't post until later in the month) so will be back here with some different work in a few days!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I'm Not Ignoring You!

sorry if it's a bit quiet on here at the moment, folks! i've been busy getting rubber stamps made and some art ready for the new THUNDERscrawl website, and also writing and illustrating a picture book, so will resume normal activity here in the next few days!

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